Pastor & Staff

Kenny Adkins


Throughout the life of Mid-City Fellowship, Kenny and his wife Angie have served sacrificially as faithful leaders, teachers, encouragers, and examples. Drawing from his years in youth ministry and currently as a Hospice chaplain, Kenny's teaching centers around practical application of the gospel to daily life. Angie's passion is to encourage women to love Jesus whole-heartedly and for that love to drive them to serve their families and those around them selflessly.  Both Kenny and Angie lead Mid-City Fellowship with a humility that you have to experience to understand.  They have married off both of their adult children and are happily empty nesting it.  Jesus can be seen in every aspect of their life.  From a deep conversation on their back porch to a super bowl party, its clear that their intent is to live life with Jesus and to love people well along the way.  

David Coulter


David once took his dog for a walk, met a young couple in the parking lot of our old facility, and ended up a teaching elder and financial team member at Mid-City Fellowship. David and his wife Linda, married 30 plus years, are the parents of two adult children and a son-in-law. They are the parents and grandparents of some hairy animals, as well. They both enjoy a cup of coffee and are not afraid of a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. David and Linda have an open door and open hearts as well. They love to lead small groups in their home, where you will never thirst for coffee again! David loves the outdoors, rocks the chaco's, and will help ANYONE who asks!  David has a giving heart and willing hands.  He is quiet-spoken and gentle as a lamb.  Linda is a book reader and brand new to the Kindle and Facebook. She too has a willing, giving heart.

Chris Thomas


Chris and his wife, Angie, can tell you raising boys does not come without hospital bills. They have raised three of them. They have been married for 20 years and are brand new grandparents to a beautiful baby girl, Madison. Chris and Angie both have a love and passion for little ones. Angie's full-time job is child care in her home. She tried to quit once, but her heart wouldn't allow it.  Chris taught 3rd and 4th grade Awana for eight years. Angie helps to keep our nursery staffed as well as continues to add great and new gadgets. Chris is part of our financial team, set-up crew, parking attendant, coffee maker, coffee pot washer, as well as a deacon. Chris and Angie both are dedicated followers of Jesus. They have opened their home many times to meet the needs of hurting people. Chris and Angie will tell you that brokenness has made them stronger in their marriage and in their relationship with Jesus.  Mid-City Fellowship is blessed to have them.

Terry Bridgeman


Terry never meets a stranger, as it's impossible not to feel like you've known him your whole life.  Terry has a heart and a passion for lost people. Terry will talk to anyone about his life with Jesus. He is honest about his trials and is constantly using his own experiences to help others. He and his wife of 15 years Ashley have a beautiful daughter, Cheyann. 

Brian Clouse


That quiet, gentle, humble man who's always willing to listen and who's wisdom can sometimes catch you by surprise.  Brian loves to talk about the complexity of God, he loves to talk about the simplicity of the Gospel, he genuinely loves Jesus and it can be seen in all aspects of his life.  Kathy, his wife as of 2016 says that she got the good end of the deal when she married Brian.  He disagrees.  Together, the two of them are excited beyond belief about life and what happens next.  God fearing, people loving, christ serving, it't tough to find folks like Brian Clouse.