It is not a theological statement, it’s a description of how we seek to do church.

We are PLAIN.  Plain- in that we desire to connect with regular people, minus the frills.  We don’t have a million dollar budget or an elaborate production value.  We don’t have tons of church services, programs or events.  In fact, those things, while sometimes helpful can also distract us from what is really important… Learning from Jesus how to be more like Him.  

We are SIMPLE.  Simple- in that our desire is to be more like Christ in regular life, not just in our “church life”.  We like to say we want to integrate God into our whole lives without spending our whole lives at church.  

We are the CHURCH.  At MID-CITY we like to say “Stop Going to Church”.  We desire to “Be the Church” because the Church is who we are, not just a service we attend or a building that we decorate.

At MID-CITY we know we don’t have it all figured out, that’s for sure, But what we are aiming for is a simplified church life that’s authentic, meaningful and thoroughly Biblical.  We think it is a fresh way of doing church that helps time-starved families live the mission and vision Jesus gave to His church.

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