Our Story

Mid-City Fellowship's Conception

How it all started

Mid-City Fellowship was a Gift from God in our hearts as a result of almost 10 years of full-time youth ministry. As early as 2005-2006, my most trusted partner in ministry, David Snyder and I were on staff at a local Non-Denominational church and we used to talk about all things ministry, including Church planting. Over the next few years our talks grew more focused. Eventually I left full time youth ministry for a position as an Associate Pastor at a local Baptist Church. David and I lost touch for a couple of years, but we had grown kindred in spirit.
As a family, our dreams of church intensified in our hearts. We talked a lot, but I never really thought we would actually do it. We knew that a new church that preached the truth, yet left behind much of the cultural tradition of ‘church’ was very needed in the heart of Jonesborough. We knew Jonesborough needed a church whose musical style connected with normal people, and whose programming actually worked with time-starved families who run wide-open all week long.
I had preached to students for at least 5 years, that sometimes you have to "do something crazy for God.” Funny how God often calls us to do what we can so easily say. Mid-City Fellowship was definitely something crazy for us to actually live out. After much encouragement from our kids and our son-in-law to not be scared, we knew what we had to do. We had to at least give Mid-City Fellowship a shot! In our hearts we knew that if the church failed, we could live with the fact that we tried. We also came to the conviction that failure to at least try was no longer an option.
We started talking to people, including many of our former youth ministry kids who were now young adults, and began gathering folks of all ages together at our house in September 2008. We talked through a new church, built on relationships rather than programs and missions at home in our community. We talked of loving hurting people, not condemning them for past mistakes. We talked of “Meaningful Community” not just Sunday school lectures. We talked of teams doing ministry together, not committees telling others what to do and we talked of Deacons actually serving, not ruling. On and on we talked, prayed, laughed, ate together, and had a blast along the way. One night in November, we set the launch date for January 2009 and God gave birth to Mid-City Fellowship.
We had 60 people show up to our first of three ‘preview’ services at the Visitor’s Center in Jonesborough. The third one was snowed out. Mid-City Fellowship’s official ‘launch’ was Jan 25th, 2009 in Jonesborough Middle School’s cafeteria. Each Sunday for 5 months, we packed up chairs, music equipment, nursery supplies, and other church stuff in a tiny trailer and loaded in and out each weekend. Thank God those days of mobile church are over! And thank you to everyone who carried a chair, rocking chair, music stand, speakers, etc.! We moved into our next temporary facility on Mother’s Day in 2009. We are still in this small, old, traditional looking, church building in Jonesborough. God has a sense of humor for sure!
The first two years were a roller coaster for sure. We were averaging over 100 people in attendance each week by then, and baptized almost 40 new believers, all while not knowing what we were doing and with very little finances. It just goes to show that God doesn’t need nice buildings or big budgets to accomplish His will, just a group of believers committed to carrying out His mission. So far, Mid-City is still gathering normal folks together each week and asking God to do something bigger than ourselves, to glorify Himself.

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